Wurlitzer Theatre Organ
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"The Mighty Wurlitzer" theatre organ was designed, originally by Robert
Hope-Jones, as a "one man orchestra" to accompany silent movies.
In all, Wurlitzer built over 2,200 pipe organs.
[this mp3 demo was created using only samples from the Refill]

The largest one originally built was the 4/58 instrument at
Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The Music Hall instrument is actually a concert instrument, capable of playing classical as well as non-classical repertoire.
It was the only Wurlitzer installation still in use that has dual identical, but independent consoles.

Other large Wurlitzer organs still in their original locations include the Fox Theatres in Saint Louis, Missouri and Detroit,
Michigan; Shea's Theater in Buffalo, New York; the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, Tennessee; the Alabama Theatre in
Birmingham, Alabama; Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma; the Denver Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado, and
the Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids, IA. Smaller instruments in the UK exist in their original installations, such as the
Gaumont State Cinema, Kilburn and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom in the UK. These instruments are still being played
several times a week.

This Refill is based on one of the smaller models and contains only the sounds listed in the image below.
It's quite charming to play and with some ingenuity some of the sounds for example "Chimes" can be tailored to react like sound effects...Church Bells in the distance, Sleigh Bells, lower the pitch for bigger bells, you get the idea.
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Wurlitzer Theatre Organ
One Man Orchestra


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