Reason Refills, Bass Rig

Bass Rig Reason Refill

J-Bass, Slap Bass, Acoustic Upright, 
18 Analogue Synth Basses
based on Juno, Oberheim, Moog, Prophet, Oscar.

At the very heart of this NNXT Advanced Sampler Instrument Reason
Refill is Audiowarrior's expertly programmed 
'Bass Rack'  that completely loads every NNXT Advanced Sampler
Instrument in one click.

Lay down professional studio tracks with the NNXT Electric J-Bass,
 NNXT Electric Slap Bass, NNXT Acoustic Upright
Bass, or 18 Phat Analogue NNXT Synth Basses
based on Juno, Oberheim, Moog, Prophet, Oscar, into your Reason Rack and pump up the volume.

Simply click on any  'KEYBOARD ICON' in Reason's sequencer to solo that NNXT Instrument. 

Enjoy playing these extremely expressive high quality samples based on the legendary Fender Electric Jazz Bass
( J-Bass),
a crisp snappy Schecter Scorpion Electric Slap Bass,
and an all wood large Acoustic Upright Bass with w-i-d-e  organic resonance and the best sounds of the Analogue
Bass Synths from the 60's and 70's.
Fill in the DEEP LOW END of your mixes with these highly detailed AUTHENTIC BASS Instruments that include 
fret/finger noise, string buzz!

The 'Rack' completely loads every sound in one click, via ReasonBassRig.rns
Simply click on an instrument's 'KEYBOARD ICON' to solo that sound.  


Sale Price: $29
List Price: $99
Rating: Overall: 10.00

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