Reason Refill s

Master Songwriter
For Reason 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7+

Complete Sample Workstation Instruments


Looking for a warehouse full of new and innovative instruments and sounds for Reason?
Look no further.

Everything you need is here to make complete songs for music demos, TV, Film, or any audio-visual project.

Acoustic drum kits, Electric drum kits, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Analogue Synthesizers, Acoustic
and Electric Pianos, Organs, Acoustic and Electric Basses, Sound Effects, Soundscapes, World Percussion,
all from one easy-access DVD.
Includes these 13 AMAZing Pro-SongTool Refill Loops & Instruments.

* 12 String Ovation Acoustic Guitar with iStrum® midi patterns
* 6 String Ovation Acoustic Dreadnought Strummer Rythym/Lead with iStrum® MIDI patterns
* Elektrik Lead Guitar with alternating harmonics and Power Chords
* 30 Incredible Complete Drum Kits/Cymbals Plus 12 World Percussion Instruments (All HARDWOOD Maple and Birch)
* Axe-N-Skin DoubleBass Drums
* Bass Rig (J-Bass-Slap Bass-Acoustic Upright-18 Synth Basses)
* Banghis Khan Vintage Ludwig Drum Kit®
* The Seven Deadly Synths (Pads, FX, Basses, Leads)
* The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ (One Man Orchestra)
* Pianos & Organs  (two MASIVE Acoustic Grand Pianos, Rhodes Stage, B3, Wurly Electric Piano)
* Vintage '63 Collector's Silvertone® Electric Rythym/Lead Guitar with iStrum® MIDI patterns
* Morphine L7 Electronic Loops ~Hip Hop~Trance~Acid~R&B~ REX beats, phrases, kicks, snares, perc, bass for creating
 unheard of combinations of sounds using Dr.Rex   S T A C K S.
* 'TRON'   A complete original MelloTron® Rack
Master Songwriter® will provide you with years of inspirational songwriting material.

Command these sounds directly in Reason or ReWire Master Songwriter® into Pro Tools® and Cubase®
via Reason®.

System Requirements
Software: Reason 4.0 or higher
Macintosh®: 667MHz Power Macintosh®: G4, with 512MB of RAM, MacOS X 10.2.8 or later, 1024x768
screen thousands of colors.
Windows®: 733MHz Pentium®: III/Athlon™: with 512MB of RAM, Windows®: 2000 /XP, 1024x768
screen thousands of colors. Reason 3.0 or higher  is necessary to utilize the Combinator modules.
*New in this version: Morphine L7 Electronic Loop construction tool kit.

  All in one convenient DVD or Download.

Start playing in minutes

Requires Full Version of either Reason 2.5 all the way thru Reason 7 or higher.

Complete and ready-to-play RACKS that open with one click.

Master Songwriter 2.1
 Reason ReFills, AudioWarrior ReFills, Drum ReFills
Sample Workstation Instruments
Reason Refill 

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