6 String Acoustic Dreadnought Strummer
Reason ReFill
AUTOMATIC or MANUAL STRUMMING "G-MAPPED" Chords and iStrum® MIDI patterns. 

The Acoustic Dreadnought is a special featured virtual rhythm guitar that can be manually strummed, or,
will Auto-Strum in any key and any tempo with a wide variety of songwriting chords that can be used to build complete
rhythm guitar tracks via AudioWarrior's exclusive iStrum MIDI Patterns and AudioWarrior's
Pat Pending  G-Mapped chords.

An indispensable songwriting tool with 3400+ Automatic-Chord-Strummming possibilities
Have it Auto Strum or strum it the way YOU want to hear it.


* Custom Combinators that let you instantly open all of G-Mapped chords of all Major or Minor keys in one window
* 600 MB of 375 natural acoustic 24 bit samples
* Integrates with more than 38 ReWire Host applications including Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Pro Tools,
Sony Acid, Traction2,    Ableton Live
* AudioWarrior's Exclusive Patent Pending G-Mapping process for user interactive authentic chord strumming on a
MIDI keyboard
* Chromatic NN-XT Sampler Patches and NN-XT Reason Songs with and without sustain
* Muted Chromatic Patches with a splash of reverb for the classic palm-muted-strings technique, similar to pizzicato.
* Thousands of chord combinations possible
* All open strings and fretted notes have been sampled individually in true stereo. You will hear the amazing difference.
* Hammer-ons,
* Wood slaps/thumps
* String scrapes
* Plinks & string sweeps above the tuning pegs
* Natural multi-velocity harmonics @ the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets and also just above the saddle/bridge
* "85" G-Mapped Strummable chord patches. Strum or pick chords any way you choose.
* "14" Low B (open tuned-B-E-A-D-F#-B) NN-XT chord patches
* Hammer-ons from all 6 strings
* Muted notes
* Each NN-XT can hold up to 10 G-Mapped chords- need more chords? simply create another NN-XT
or load 10 NN-XT's into a Combinator patch an create
another Combinator!
* Selectable 16-bit or 24-bit playback via the NN-XT Advanced Sampler
* Natively programmed as a playable performance instrument in Reason for use with Propellerheads
NN-XT Advanced Sampler and integrating with 38 HOST
ReWire applications including Digidesign® Pro Tools®.

The Acoustic Dreadnought Demo Refill is an .rps (Reason Published Song) and is opened from Reason's browser by (File-->Open).

The demo includes a stunningly beautiful, Fully Strummable 440 D5 chord that begins on C3.
Select "HIGH QUALITY INTERPOLATION" on the NN-XT for high detail 24-bit playback, The NN-XT Sampler's default
 is 16-bit.
The demo chord can also be strummed using "EDIT MODE" on Reason's built-in sequencer by mousing the "Piano Roll" beginning on C3, sweeping the
pointer up and down on the white keys.

Try the Acoustic Dreadnought iStrum Demo

(After downloading, from Reason's Browser use FILE->OPEN)

(Requires Minimum Reason® 3.0+ or higher )

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